BlueSky Tracking

Why GPS Tools For Fleet Management 

When tasked with finding a GPS Tracking tool set in 2008 for fleet management and tracking of a 400+ vehicles, I asked, "Why use GPS Tools for Fleet Management?"

Having spent many years with advancing levels of experience in automotive diagnostics and maintenance, I wanted a solution that had insight into the fleet vehicle's health and activity. I needed something that would do more than simple location tracking, speed, idling and utilization reporting.

The search resulted in tests with multiple GPS devices. GPS Insight and their devices came out on top, in many ways. They connect to the diagnostic connector on vehicles newer than 1996. Based on the vehicle's ability to send data, these devices read and transmit this data to the database for end user use.

This data is incredibly valuable for a Fleet Manager who needs real time oversight on their fleet condition. The data includes trouble codes, fuel efficiency, hours and odometer reading for service intervals and much more.

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